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Basic Feature

Live Tracking

Tracking is the surveillance of location through use of the GPS to track the location of an entity or object remotely..


The history is a detailed list of Web sites visited which remains in a computer's memory for a pre-determined number of days.

Mobile Notification

A message or alert that is sent to the user in real time as soon as the event occurs, known as push technology or mobile notification.


Geo-fencing is a term that refers to software tools or applications that GPS around a physical geographical area.

NO Data Loss

The data is being stored in a device, readeble by a user or software or application knowns as no data loss.

Plug & Play Device

To identify the presence of a new peripheral device, support required known as plug and play device.

+/-5 M Accurancy

Accuracy is a term used to describe anything that is near its true value or recognized standard..

Second Update

To make something more modern or suitable for use now by adding new information or changing its design second update..

Advance Feature

Halt Time

When something such as growth, development, or activity halts or when you halt it, it stops completely.

Auto Camera

Auto mode tell best judgement to select speed,aperture,ISO,white balance,focus and flash to take the best shot.

Route Creation

A route is a set of two or more points you want to visit in order,An application by associating an app with an address

Pick and Drop Points

pick and drop points means the prearrange place wheare you go to people and things knowns as pick and drop points.


Singnal of distress in code used internationally in ships call for help which indicates to other people that you are in danger and need .

Network Delay Data

When a computer or other device is not turned on or not connected to other devices known as no network.


Reports is a formatted & Organized data presentation to give a description of something or information about it to someone.

Secure Site

Networking protocol for security connection between network application to provide secure exshange.

Sharing Feature


URL is the address of a resource on the internet indicates the location of a resource as well as the protocol used to access it.


WhatsApp is a mobile messaging app for mobile devices or desktop PCs.It uses Wi-Fi connections to make free text, voice or video call.

Email Id

An email address is a Unique identifier for an email account, used send & receeive email messages over the internet.

Phone No

String of specific numbers that a telephone or cell phone user can dial to reach another telephone aur mobile phone.

Fmt Users

Use the FMT function within a batch job,affects current batch,saved in the user profile,available File Manager.

Social Media

Social Media is the collective of online communication channels dedicated to comunity based input intreraction.

Time Bounded

Time bounded is a process, goal or task that is measured or restricted by time have only a certain amount of time.


If there is an unlimited quantity of something, you can have as much or as many of that thing as you want.

Alert & Notification

Engine on off

If you switch off and on a light or other electrical device, and stop it working by operating, called as engine on off..

Fast Fence & Geo Fence

Geo fence is the terms that reffers to software tools and application that utilized the globel position system

Power Remove

If people remove someone from power or from something such as a committee, they stop them being in power or being a member.

Over Speed

Over Speed is a condition in which an engine to allowed and forced to turn beyond its design limit.

Halt Duration

When something such as growth, development, or activity halts or when you halt it, it stops completely.

No Connection

When any device fail to connect network connectvity and and quit and slow the internet connection.

Mobile & SOS Features

I am ok

I am ok means used to show that you agree with something or agree to do something:

Halt SOS

something such as growth activity halts or when you halt it, it stops completely.

No Connection

When a computer or other device is not receive a Singnal to other devices known as no connection .